7 thoughts on “Not Such Breaking News…

  1. Wait. WHAT?! I mean, I knew she was really old and not doing so well, but…WHAT?! She’s one of my favorite authors! She can’t die – she needs to write more books!!!

  2. WHAT!!!??? BUT…BUT…
    I will always love the Crestomanci series.
    (Finally others who also appreciate DWJ)

  3. That’s so sad… She was one of my favorite authors. Fell in love with fantasy because of her.

  4. I actually gasped as well. Surprised I hadn’t heard the news earlier. Loved her books as a kid (and still do). I own Witch Week, the Lives of Christopher Chant and the one with Eric (cat). Read all the rest as well.

  5. I’d read that she was ill some time ago on a message board that I frequent, so it wasn’t really a surprise…but still, very sad.
    She seemed like a very interesting person based on interview transcripts. She also had an interesting life story.( If you’ve ever read her book Time of the Ghost [not one of my favorites, though] she said that quite a bit of it was drawn directly from her childhood [not the fantasy part, the neglectful, borderline-abusive parents part]). Also, who knew that Beatrix Potter was a grump who hated kids in real life? Or that C.S. Lewis was a genuinely nice guy and an excellent professor?

  6. I saw it in the NYTimes the day she died- but what was interesting is that she (or rather, her family) is putting out another (I think kid’s book) in the next couple of months. Weird.

    But yes, quite, quite sad.

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