Friday Repost: Shidduch Bitachon

Sometimes, the things that people say make me wonder if they listen to themselves

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3 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Shidduch Bitachon

  1. Along with the oxymoron of “bikarov” and “in the right time,” why is it necessary to say either of them at all? If you are wishing me my impending marriage, of course it’s going to happen in the right time, since that is all up to the Man Upstairs, so even the wrong time isn’t a possibility.

    In any case, I would prefer it if they would talk about the weather if there is a pause in conversation.

  2. One can sense, in the phrase, a certain tension, something approaching a dialectic, even, between the desire to see you married, and the acknowledgment that it is not in anyone’s control. Better “bikarov in the right time” than “bikarov, what’s wrong with you that it hasn’t happened already?” Isn’t a simple IY”H better than a diatribe about about you should do such and such.

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