Overheard: BBM and Dating

“You know BlackBerry Messenger? They have these groups now. It totally rocks. You can message a whole group of people at one time. So instead of having to answer your sister and brother and mother and father and sister-in-law when they each ask how your date went, you can just message them all “TAKE ME HOME” from the bathroom and never have to discuss it again. It’s great.”

10 thoughts on “Overheard: BBM and Dating

  1. The other night, one of my friends posted a status on FB (I believe mid-date) begging to be rescued from her horrible date. Apparently the guy ate from her food – and that was just the tip of the iceberg. ]

    Also, you can just broadcast the message on BBM to select people, no need to create a group just for bad dates 😉

  2. …So you come out of the bathroom and sit down across from your date. He then pulls out his HTC and tells you he saw something very interesting. Then you see his phone is open to your facebook wall that he accessed through one of your friends…

    A Date once ate off of my plate without my permission. Let’s just say that I find that behavior too relaxed. But I don’t think that makes the date horrible. I rolled with it although I was out of my comfort zone.

  3. Yea, I definitely wouldn’t facebook about it… BBM is much safer in that regard. Then you can ensure that the right people are receiving your S.O.S. message

  4. I advocate the check-in phone call. Before the date, have a friend/relative who will call you at a certain point in the date (e.g. 45 minutes in). You can either pick up and say you have to go, or not pick up because the date is going well.

    The one drawback is if you’re relying on the other person to provide you with transportation, you’re kind of stuck. Though I suppose you could say it was a family emergency and ask if you could be taken home.

  5. LSD, I’m pretty sure that the in her case, she would have been happy for him to see so he would take her straight home and end the horror earlier. Besides, girls don’t realize how good we are at getting access to their facebooks 😉
    Check Pleaseee, I very much agree with the no cell phones on dates policy – my phone was always on silent.

  6. I concur on the no-answering-any-technological-device-on-date issue.

    Knitter, if my date left because of a “family emergency,” she still owes me another date. And if she declines, you can be sure I won’t be singing her good graces and I will most likely call her out on her “family emergency.” You’d be surprised at what a small world it is and everything comes around again. So, if you want to end the “crisis,” I recommend smiling, best behavior, and hiding true feelings.

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