Thursday Links

This adorable paragraph from Princess Lea’s post about the people most disappointed by her single status:

…He drove off, triumphant, not expecting the inevitable “No” from the shachan, and I felt even worse.
I staggered into the house, where three pairs of young eyes  greeted me at the door, looking expectantly at me. I collapsed, faux-sobbing, on the 8 year old’s neck.
“It’s okay,” she soothed, stroking my back. “You don’t have to see him again.”
Bless you, child. Despite her burning desire for wedding festivities, where she can sit up front by the badekin and chuppah, where she can have made-up hair and wear a billowing dress, she will put my needs first, trusting my judgment.
Stuck in Shidduchim wants group dating to take off. Odd, but it sounds an awful lot like a mixed Shabbos meal…
Coral Cap on why women should move to Boston. You know, I considered it briefly, but the pizza shop I tried there didn’t impress me. Maybe I should have examined the guys in the pizza shop instead.
Thinking Jewish Girl recommends that you not be yourself on a date if yourself isn’t datable. Finally! I’ve always wondered why people insist that you should be yourself on a date. What if yourself is a horrible, unpleasant, nasty person? Personally, I try never to be myself, even in real life, let alone on a date…

8 thoughts on “Thursday Links

  1. dont judge boston by the pizza place!! honestly, its so awful even the natives wont eat there. jerusalem pita and taam china and rosenfeld bagel are the only decent places. also its the best place for a bright young engineer!

  2. I figured if my stats spiked, Bad4 had something to do with it. Thanks.

    Another thing – one can’t beat NY when it comes to the shopping. Oh, the shopping.

    I’m myself on dates. That was another thing Greedo ( said to me: that I’m eccentric because I’m not restrained and shy on a first date.

    The concept of “Shabbos Face” on a date (not in terms of makeup, but on acting a part) goes back to the Rochel-Leah Syndrome. I’m Lea, and I date as Lea (Rochel’s my sister. Seriously.)

  3. You don’t have to move there, just pay a visit :)And by the way, I learned to love pineapple pizza from the Boston pizza store. I’ve only found one shop in NY who will do the same (The Pizza Professor).

  4. I’m not sure, if you don’t date as yourself, is the guy supposed to marry you? If he marries someone who isn’t you, how long will that marriage last? Even if you are carping and obnoxious, and… fill in the pejorative, there is a likelyhood that someone will like you. I know it was true in the old days when I was young and there is nothing that I have seen which changes my mind about that.

  5. @Princess Lea

    Of all the women in Torah, Neviim, and Kesuvim, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a worse bannerwoman than Leah for the concept of “dating as yourself”.

  6. @Princess Lea

    Oh, I seem to have entirely misunderstood you. I thought you were saying something about Leah’s “forthcomingness”. Oops.

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