Off Topic: Top Ten Reasons I Love Flying

–          Airports have great modernist architecture. Well, some of them.

–          Moving sidewalks are fun!

–          Security check is an inspiration to buy new socks.

–          The airport bathrooms are nicer than many of the college bathrooms, gym locker rooms, and most such public facilities.

–          It gives me a renewed appreciation for how precious water is.

–          Baruch atah Hashem, shelo asani TSA guy. They’re a great argument for college (or entrepreneurship): “If you don’t make something out of your life, you’ll wind up like him: in a mindless, brain-atrophying job where everybody hates you.”

–          Maybe one day I will cease to be thrilled by takeoff, by seeing clouds from a different perspective, by seeing the world from above, by passing other airplanes in the stratosphere, etc, but it hasn’t happened yet. You can really appreciate the differences in cloud heights when you’re flying between the cumulonimbus and the cirrus layers. Also, when you’re 23,000 feet up you can see the Milky Way with amazing, 3D clarity. (Can you guess that I always take a window seat?)

–          When you’ve allotted 3 hours to get through security, and then you breeze through in only 30 minutes, and they’re charging for spotty internet, you’ve got no excuse to do anything but read that book you’ve been meaning to get around to.

–          The suspense of wondering if my luggage followed me, the surge of hormones when my suitcase still hasn’t come out after ten minutes, the sigh of relief when it finally shows up, upside down and clearly manhandled—it’s almost as thrilling as a roller-coaster.

–          Last but not least: I’m going somewhere!


4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Top Ten Reasons I Love Flying

  1. I share your joy and fascination.
    I’ll go one step further.
    I not only love flying – I love airports.
    Everybody there has a story and the voyeur in me loves to try to figure them out.
    Such drama 😉

    L’chaim U’Lesholom!

  2. you have just described the past two days of my life. i agree with everything you said. except for the part about luggage, since i traveled light this trip. also there are occasionally TSA guys who are nice, it is possible. the guy at customs asked me if I was Jewish, I don’t think that was part of his official questions I think he was just curious. 🙂

  3. I agree with everything you mention – except for the bathrooms. Not because it isn’t true, but because they are really hit-and-miss, depending on the airport. La Guardia, for example, is horrendous and filthy. It’s usually the smaller-city airports that I’ve seen that have fantastic bathrooms of the sort you describe.

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