You’ve Been Meme’d

I’m not a huge meme fan, but I told SiBaW I’d do this one before I saw it, so I guess I have to do it.

Except it was a lot harder than “list three things you’ve done that nobody else here has” (1 – walked a mile in my shoes 2 – camped alone on top of a volcano 3 – given a dictionary as a wedding gift), so it took time, and bits were written at different times. I apologize for inadvertent cheesiness. I tried to be honest except when  I didn’t have the patience to think hard enough.

I wish I…had more time and resources for the people I care about.

My biggest fear… is of being powerless.

I hate to…disappoint  myself.

I love…people.

Today I will…go to sleep. It’s 11pm and high time.

Yesterday I… woke up because I was being bounced on by kinfauna. Can you think of a better reason to get out of bed?

My hair…does whatever it pleases, sometimes accepting my guidance, and never heeding my threats vis a vis buzz cuts. I probably deserve it.

I will never… say never. Because in a few years I will know things that I don’t know now and my perspective may change.


6 thoughts on “You’ve Been Meme’d

  1. I bet in a few years you will say never, because by that point you’ll know things and your perspective will expand to include the occasional saying of never.

  2. I’ll have you know that I wrote up my meme before seeing your meme, so the fact that your “I will never” perfectly matches my “I will never” is just freakish.

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