Seering Date

Discussing the idea of visiting rabbis and mekubalim as an aid for shidduchim. 

Also4: I am not interested in that stuff.

Me: Why? Don’t you want someone to look deep into your eyes and say, “Yep, it’s all your fault. You’re just plain rotten deep down”?

Also4: No, not really. Besides, I don’t need to go to a mekubal for that. I go on dates.


5 thoughts on “Seering Date

  1. Obviously, that’s an outrageous comment!
    You are provocative which is why your blog is fascinating 🙂 I’m not sure what your experiences are with Mekubalim. I think it is beneficial for some to go to Mekubalim for self-awareness, and direction.
    A normal Mekubal would never say you are rotten deep down. That would be heretical! Every person is good in their core-in their Neshama. The problem is we block our inherent goodness with our sins.
    We all have strengths and weaknesses. It takes a lot of persistence and courage to work on our flaws.
    In your case, you were blessed with Self-awareness.
    I would speculate that the majority of humans lack self-awareness.

  2. That wasn’t an official “meet the mekubal for help with your life issues” meeting. That was a blogger meeting. It would have been rude of you to do so.
    I am not a big one for going to rabbis for brochos for shidduchim. My impression is that they realize that I’m wasting their time, so they refuse to give me any.

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