Now I Know I’m Getting Old

Over the past two weeks of vacation I’ve bounced 7 babies, six of which belonged to friends (one was kinfauna). Of those six that belonged to friends, half were second children.

8 thoughts on “Now I Know I’m Getting Old

  1. My classmate is expecting her third child, due this summer. What can you do?
    Today, I was walking in Jerusalem and saw a playground full of ‘ladies’ and their babies, and none of them was that much older than me. And I wondered: If I could switch, would I wanna be in their place? And the answer was no. I’m sure their happy and if I were them I would be too. But no, this is not the life I want. I want have a degree, get some serious education that is past 12th grade and seminary, get to build myself as a person, and although it’s not always easy to watch everyone raising a family, I am grateful for that gift. The gift of time.

  2. Oh please, if you’re getting old then I’m over the hill with my friends having their 5th and even 6th child by now. Only thing is, I still don’t see myself as old. Should I start?

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