Thoughts in a Department Store

Why can’t they ever sing about anything except falling in love, being in love, and falling out of love? What about 98% of life as most people live it? Can’t someone compose a song for the rest of us?


24 thoughts on “Thoughts in a Department Store

  1. Who wants to listen to depressing music whilst shopping?

    @AM Inspiration – you know what happens when you play a country song backwards? you get your house back you get your life back you get your truck back you get your wife back you get your dog back you get your job back (you get the point)

  2. Walking in a department store,
    I hear the music playing.
    Against my better judgment,
    I listen to what they’re saying.

    This guy has got a crush,
    That girl just got asked out.
    This guy just married the love of his life,
    That girl was dumped like a trout. (Sorry, I do have other things to do this morning than come up with rhymes.)

    Oooooooooooooooh (pick your tune)

    I’m sick and tired of hearing your love stories.
    Why can’t you talk about things that apply to me?
    Tell me about shoes, and school, and this annoying heat,
    Department store music, please just let me be.

    ————————- I’ll demand royalties if you take my lyrics and have a hit 😉
    Maybe they sing love songs because it’s easier to rhyme with ‘love’, ‘girl’, ‘cry’, and ‘baby’ than it is to rhyme with ‘manolo blahnik’, ‘theoretical physics’, and ‘stupid humidty, why won’t it rain.’

  3. Obviously the department stores have been paid off by your grandmother (I want grandchildren!!!) who hasn’t heard of subliminal advertising (however she’s heard of superliminal advertising). And I always thought the worst part of country songs was your cheating partner taking the dog. That’s just cruel.

  4. I agree! It would be nice to hear about something else for a change! But to answer your qestion songs about love (or lack thereof) are what sells. Kind of the way that blog posts about shidduchim/dating/love are read more and commented on more than other posts. 🙂 I’m sure people write great songs about other things all the time but they just didn’t make it big.

    PS you’d think department stores would play music about shopping, buying, and spending money, to try to get you to buy more stuff…

  5. Wasn’t it Tzipi Caton (pseudonym) that said that Jewish songs tend to focus only on G-d, marriage, and family? Every culture has its hangups. An love sells 😀 We all know that one. (echoing SternGrad, I now notice, over here).

  6. seems like sterngrad and bad4 listen to the same type of music. If you broadened your musical horizons, I would bet you wouldn’t make this statement.

  7. To echo what many have already said…try listening to country music. It’s one of the few genres that is consistently clean, and has explored areas outside of the beginnings and endings of meaningless relationships. Common themes include family, children, marriage, fishing, and of course guns and tractors. 🙂

    Primum Non Nocere: “It’s Not Me, It’s You”

  8. Unfortunately, in country music, the love and family songs go hand in hand (no pun intended)

    @AM Inspiration, those are actually the lyrics to a Rascall Flatts song…:)

  9. Eh, please. A good 40% of country music is about getting drunk and ogling girls. Another 15% is about driving fast and drinking on the beach with one’s girlfriend. Then you have 40% about marriage and love and family. And the rest is “other.” There’s no perfect genre.

    And yet still, if you looked at music overall, an absurd percentage of it is about various stages in relationships.

    Shatzileh – love it.

  10. well there’s always classical! really!! beethoven and chopin have some pretty neat stuff. you don’t have to be a snob to appreciate it

  11. Sibelius? Really? I didn’t know anyone else listened to him. I can’t decide if I like him or not, and as a consequence, I spend more time than I should considering him.

    But that still doesn’t give me music with lyrics, unless someone threw in the original Italian or Latin that goes with a good deal of classical. And since that’s either church or opera, I’d rather not.

  12. If you want good lyrics, listen to all 18 studio albums from Rush. As a bonus, know that you will be listening to the greatest rock drummer ever, one of the greatest guitarists, and a great bassist.

    The weird thing about sibelius is that his 1st, 3rd, and 5th symphonies are great, but 2,4, and 6 are boring. 7 is eh.

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