Friday Repost: Get your Tragedies in Order

Does anyone else object to the use of “tragedy” to describe “people who are not yet married”? I know I’m missing a lot in life, but I have trouble considering that lack to be of tragic proportions.

Dreamer wrote it up in a poem that I linked to, once long ago. (Dreamer went on to get married.)

And I objected to the “shidduch crisis” being listed next to the kidnapped and the incarcerated as Biggest Tragedy of Our Generation during a Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation event.

However, I do consider it a good sign that we consider it a tragedy. It means we have very little perspective on what a tragedy truly is.


7 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Get your Tragedies in Order

  1. I totally agree with the sentiment that grouping difficulties in shidduchim with other things under the label of “tragedy” does seem a bit off in the larger scheme of things. However, I think what causes that perception is that the various unfortunate things that people are comparing are a bit like apples and oranges. Both the “shidduch crisis” and terrorism are very negative things but in totally different planes.

    I always found it interesting that on Tisha B’Av there is a kinah that recalls the burning of the Talmud during the middle ages grouped together with the murder and destruction of the crusades. It just seems that, while both tragedies, they are very different in their tragic nature. Even so, they are all bundled together in kinnos.

  2. Not being married at 24 is indeed not a tragedy. Not sure if it’s even a problem. Having to jump through the hoops and dealing with all the mishugas surrounding shidduchim – that is a tragedy. But of course of the different sort than other, more real tragedies.

  3. A tragedy is how you describe something with a sad ending. It is therefore entirely inappropriate to describe singles who are alive as tragic. It means you think it’s over and ended for them.

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