My Contribution to the Community

I have a great idea for an invention. (Listen up all relevant parties; yes I mean you.)

It started when Good4 and I were sprawled on my bed with our heads stuck out the window, enjoying a spring breeze. A young wife was shoving her way up the block, pushing a double stroller in front of her. She was practically 45-degrees with the ground in her effort to keep the heavy thing moving. And this was on level ground.

“When I have a double stroller, remind me to stand straight when I push,” Good4 said. “It looks so awful.”

“Not as awful as her husband strolling along behind, hands in pockets,” I observed. “But you know, she’s doing that because it’s heavy.”

“Yeah I know, but still.”

“You’d be like Black Beauty in the bearing rein if you insisted on standing straight. And that was outlawed as cruelty to animals.”

“Still. It looks terrible.”

I recalled that conversation a few months later while pushing a friend’s single stroller up a steep Israeli hill. I tried standing straight, but the darn thing (not to mention the kid) was heavy. I gave in to physics.

While I was pushing (and sweating), I thought about uphill bicycling.

Bicycle commuters are not always enthused about the exercise opportunities of their transit medium. That’s why they invented these motors you can attach to your bike. The smaller ones just kick in on hills to make it easier to pedal up. You still have to pedal somewhat, but it’s a whole lot easier.

I think we need something like that for double strollers. A small motor you can kick on that will make it easier to move those things.

It would have to have the following criteria:

(1) It has to be removable. For chagim and for locations with eruvim.

(2) It has to be small enough that we don’t wind up with motor-vehicle classification issues. It has to be legal for sidewalks.

(3) It has to be strong enough that a small woman, laboring under the weight of a large sheitel, could push a double stroller uphills without compromising her posture.

Someone, please invent this before I have my first kid.

9 thoughts on “My Contribution to the Community

  1. Easy solution: Lift weights! Squats and deadlifts with heavy barbells, and pushups, will probably help.

  2. It would also have to be solar powered, to ensure less dependence on foreign oil. We can’t have exhaust blowing into our kids’ faces either.

    In my expertise as having pushed many a carriage, here are a few pointers:

    1) If the wheels are inflatable, ensure they are, well, fully inflated. Low tire pressure makes pushing quite difficult.

    2) If your kid is big enough to sit on the edge of the stroller, don’t let him. He’s putting weight on the front wheels, which will then have difficulty to turn.

    3) Not all carriages are created equal. Make sure to take polls in what is the easiest to push.

    4) If your husband is with you and you don’t need to carriage as a balance for your high heels, he can push.

  3. Princess Lea, if you need a carriage to balance yourself while wearing heels, you should be taking lessons on walking in heels

  4. and (4) It has to be completely safe and must disengage when stroller isn’t held/controlled by an adult. This is difficult to do because children are generally clever and can figure out how to “make it go”.

    We’ve had more than half a dozen strollers in our house and used lots of them at one time when we had 5 kids under age 6 at one point. We tried (and owned) almost every brand of stroller (singles, doubles, and even one triple) and the best brand by far is the “Mountain Buggy”, it has larger truly inflatable wheels, it has a higher and more solid pivot point for the front wheels, and is generally very well constructed. We often had the twins in it with an additional kid sitting on the front ledge and it worked fine. I highly recommend it.

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