Repost: Why You Went to College

This is funny. But true. A friend of mine visited a shadchan who confided that she prides herself on never giving advice. But for this friend, she felt that she just had to break her rule.

You see, Friend was not in college. Friend had a decent job and an active social life, and Friend was enjoying this. She felt no particular rush – after all, she was only six months post-seminary. She couldn’t be expected to know what she wanted to do with life yet, and why pay for expensive college courses while she figured it out?

“You have to be studying something,” the shadchan said. “The mothers always ask. It could be anything – it doesn’t have to be college. Take a course. But you need to be studying something or They won’t like it.”

12 thoughts on “Repost: Why You Went to College

  1. Job > College because Money > Sitting in school until you have kids at which point you can’t work a job that pays more than $15 an hour part time. Also, savings account > being broke and unable to pay rent.

  2. Its goes both ways. I am becoming an electrician. I am working full time as an apprentice. Girls are not interested in me ’cause I didn’t go to college.

  3. well its true, if my hypothetical son was in shidduchim i would kinda wanna hear that the chick is pursuing some sort of degree.

  4. Yehuda, If you are bright, kind, and looking to plan a future then I have a friend who might be interested in you. Her dad is a fantastic carpenter and she wants to meet aman who is both intelligent and capable of fixing things. I guess it depends upon personal outlooks and general age group type stuff. Pm your email to Bad4 and maybe we can see if you two might be a good match : )

  5. Sure, totally. I would love to play matchmaker. I have met and gone out with electricians and they were both nicer than than the lawyers.

  6. Lol. I think the largeness of the community in the NY area is what is allowing people to mae up ridiculous standards and be so picky.

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