Thursday Link: Relocate the Spinster Colony?

I never settled on a location for the spinster colony, but as Relarela points out, Israel looks very promising. The pull quotes here are:

…Although the procedures account for one of the country’s largest public health expenditures, the policy has drawn little debate or criticism, one of the few issues nearly all sectors of the typically fractious Israeli society seem to agree upon. There is even a growing pool of single religious women using in vitro fertilization, their efforts sanctioned by rabbis.

…“We are very sensitive here to the desire of people to have a family,” she said. “I think our country can be proud that a woman who wants to be a mother can try do so.”


3 thoughts on “Thursday Link: Relocate the Spinster Colony?

  1. How about an adjoining colony for people who aren’t ready to get married and are at the age when everyone nags them to date?

  2. I believe that it is important to use the word spinster.
    Let young unmarried girls hear you use that word often.

    That word counters the Feminist lie that there is
    nothing wrong with an older girl being unmarried.

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