Thursday Links

Frumanista meets a wannabe Woman in Black. Or shall we say a Woman in Gray? The basic assumption of this woman was that a Single woman in possession of a wedding place card must be in want of a seat next to a shachan. I think the most appropriate response would have been to sit down, lean over, and whisper, “I don’t know anything about diets myself, but my friend over there is a nutritionist and personal trainer.”

Someone here would like you to support professional standards in Jewish publications. Notably, that of giving credit where it is due, even when the credit goes to someone non-Jewish on the shminternet.  Go there, send an email, bake the cookies, and mail me samples.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Links

  1. With regards to the second topic/link, who is to say that bloggers themselves adhere to standard publication principles and copyright laws? I remember a certain blogger (ahem) who lifted a delectable cheesecake from the NYTimes once-upon-a-time… Hypocrisy never looked so delicious… 😛

    All kidding aside, I think the author of that post is crying over spilt milk. If the actual copyright holder is concerned about someone pillaging their work, they should take it up with the publication directly and find a legal or amicable solution. I think this particular method of pandering, as well as their effort to create public incitement, to be pointless.

  2. 😛 Plagiarism is representing someone else’s stuff as your own. I never claimed the cheesecake was mine.

    As for the issue in question: I don’t know if the recipe thing would actually be considered plagiarism. That isn’t really what bothers me. It’s the lack of professionalism. If it was the NYTimes, they wouldn’t have a question about it. If it’s mostly copied, they’d either credit it or not use it. Jewish publications don’t have such standards.

  3. True, but how is copyright infringement any less severe than plagiarism or any other form of intellectual property theft? I suspect intent is also irrelevant. I’m telling the The Ochs-Sulzberger family! 🙂

    Perhaps you should see my comment on that post, although I am told it is sitting in a spam queue. You’re kidding though, right? You’re expecting professional journalism standards to be upheld in the Jewish media? Have you read any of them as of late? Their content is to be appreciated for its comedic vale, not its literary integrity. I don’t think anyone buying these newspapers and magazines are expecting well written award winning pieces of writing. These folks are buying them because they’re “kosher” and they fill a void for a certain demographic. Sorry to disappoint you, Ami and its cohorts will never be the NYTimes…

  4. Well I want Jewish media with high standards so that I’ll be tempted to read it.
    Okay yeah, I used a photo. But I’m non-profit and obvious amateur. I don’t think that counts as copyright infringement.

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