Friday Repost: Being Seen


This kinda goes with the “shidduch resume” posts. Or the ones about “being seen.” Because this is about the need to self-advertise when you’re “in the parsha” and my idea for Me Magazine.



2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Being Seen

  1. Could you please check out my blog because my latest post is exactly about that!! I guess im gonna have to do some reading catch up on your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Interesting – even more so since a have a daughter in shidduchim.

    In my day, the only time the word resume was mentioned with regard to shidduchim was tongue-in-cheek. As a matter of fact a friend and I — who had seen a fictional hilarious “Shidduch Resume” for girls — put together our own fictional “Shidduch Resume” for “Boychiks” chock full of in jokes for our chevra. But the idea of one in a real life was preposterous.

    [BTW some time during the last 22 years someone added a couple of questions to our resume and posted it online. You can find it here: . My brother discovered it years ago when he remembered some of the in jokes we had used.]

    On a serious note, the “shidduch resume” today is NOT meant to be a “resume” per se. it is just meant to make it easier to give out info about someone. In my day when you wanted to redd someone a shidduch you had to have a pen and paper handy and you sat there asking questions: “Where did you go to school?” “How many siblings do you have?” “Where do you daven?” “What are you looking for?, etc. Having all that basic info on a sheet of paper that one can just hand out makes this part SO much easier for both the questioner and the answerer — and wastes much less time.

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