Unemployed and Single

Thanks H for this one – it made me laugh.

Riddle: how is being unemployed like being single? Or maybe, how is searching for a spouse like searching for a job? Or maybe, what do you need to… or maybe just follow the link and find out already.


6 thoughts on “Unemployed and Single

  1. Being in the workforce and in shidduchim, I’m constantly amazed at how similar the two are. From applying for jobs (resume, references) to dealing with your boss and shadchanim, all while trying to maintain a normal social life… you constantly have to worry about what you do on your own time, because you never know who’s watching and how it could affect your reputation.

    And unemployment is exactly like being single… if a girl isn’t married by a certain age people start to question why; obviously it indicates that she’s unmarriageable or too picky. Same with unemployment- if you’re worth hiring, why don’t you already have a job??

  2. iTripped, it’s the same for guys who are single for long enough. We all hit that point.

    With jobs, employers just want people with experience. Uh, I don’t think that sort of thing is permissible when it comes to dating… for some aspects at least.

    I guess you can’t always make comparisons between the two. (I think the two are always compared because shidduch resume has so many similarities to a work one, when in fact they have very different roles)

  3. JewishWhiteGuy-
    Guys have later expiration dates… but when it comes to getting a job I would say their employability is equal to a womans. (Or maybe not- men are still ahead in the workplace.) Obviously experience is important when applying for a new job, but if you read this article, you can see that it’s not the first thing potential employers are looking at.

    And if you’re going to talk about “experience”- every person has different qualities & life skills that will help them find a potential match, so I guess that’s equivalent to work experience.

    I realize that marriage and work serve very different purposes, but you can’t deny the similarities.

  4. Yup I agree there’s similarities, I just think it’s bad logic to say they’re comparable. It’s hard for me to explain without writing up a long drawn out explanation, which makes me think I aught to blog it.. (note to self).

    I guess I just think it’s like comparing Apples to Strawberries. While they’re both delicious, and nutritious, and I’m sure they have many other similarities. You can’t compare them because strawberries are in fact not real fruits. (The part we eat doesn’t form from the ovary like Apples and other fruits).

  5. ITiipped:

    Guys have later expiration dates, but they usually start dating about 3 years later, so it comes to pretty much the same number of years before either gender feels “expired”.

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