This Explains My Dating Life

Why doesn’t anyone set me up with an art student? Huh? Huh? Aren’t there any male Jewish journalists out there? I’d even consider a lawyer. Instead, I keep getting geeks. Something’s not working here, my dear shadchanim. And The Atlantic thinks it knows why.

Why? Because I made a mistake. It was an innocent mistake. I didn’t know what the consequences would be when I made it. But I signed up for the wrong course of study and now I’m doomed forever more. My degree has made me aromantic.

…in fact, I’ve calculated that it’s reduced my chances by 87.352%, using a baseline for calculation the number of men I went out with before I started college, controlled for their plans/careers, compared to the number of men I went out with subsequently, also controlled for their career paths… I’ll post a link to the Excel spreadsheets for anyone who wants to calculate their plunging desirability post-STEM studies.

8 thoughts on “This Explains My Dating Life

  1. I always remember that as a rule girls didn’t excel in math and science in school and that was the “guys'” subject. I think for me it’s subliminally implanted this stereotype as well. That means if a girl happens to be interested in the sciences I’ll subconsciously see it tomboyish.

  2. Post the link- now I’m curious. If you and the Atlantic are correct- then how do women working in the STEM fields ever get a date/get married? After all, they have reduced the playing field to 10 percent of eligible guys….
    Did the studies quoted also control for the more limited amount of women that enter the STEM fields due to general smarts? (Or is that already controlled for in the fact that less women go into STEM because of dating?) Out of my college organic chemistry class of 30- only 2 women that I know of actually went into typical research, and one went to med school, and the rest went into things like nursing, PA, pharmacy…- are all of those considered STEM? Or only pure sciences? And are all computer people considered STEM as well? How did they define their criteria for non-STEM?

  3. Bad4:
    Don’t lose heart – remember there will always be a number of guys who may be in business, but had a science-weighted background: surely they’re also accessible?
    The unfortunate problem is that the frum world often denigrates scientists compared to business people, perhaps partly due to the higher earning power in the business world. Additionally, someone who has crossed over from science into commerce often has a more rounded and intelligent approach to life – so keep going!!!
    B’hatzlacha rabba


  4. lsd – You’re making me feel guilty. Truth is, I haven’t been out with too many lawyers. Would you like to go out?

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