How Not to Find a Wife

If you’re female, rich, and desperate to get married, there’s a gigolo in Midtown that wants to meet you. He thinks his problem might be that he’s started looking late in life. Some might question his methods. It actually reminds me of a Shabbos table discussion in which we discussed the possibility of my mother advertising her single daughter in front of YU wearing a sandwich board. It never panned out. Too  bad. She might have made the Wall Street Journal, and then even more people would “know” about me, and it’s all about “being seen” and “getting out there” so people “know about you,” right?


One thought on “How Not to Find a Wife

  1. Ummm Bad4…hate to break it to you but he’s not really a gigolo. I’m pretty sure that the whole “looking for a wife thing” would preclude him from being a gigolo, unless said wife was VERY openminded. Then again, with the shidduch “crisis” he may find a nice desperate BY girl with a combination of money + issues…

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