How Long to Smile

…And other essential dating tips you didn’t know you needed to know. Here’s a graphic representation (thanks Ezzie) of everything you need to know to socialize properly with members of the opposite gender.

You know what I like about these things? They suggest that a huge portion of the population is completely ignorant of what we all agree are social norms -something, in theory, we all ought to be able to do naurally. But we’re almost all ignorant, so how natural can it be?

At any rate, if you’re socially awkward, you’re in good company. Just study up, practice in the mirror, and you too can get a date.


6 thoughts on “How Long to Smile

  1. I think the best part is that words count for almost nothing. If you spew complete gibberish most of the time but with a great smile and body language, you’re doing great.

  2. Very interesting. Although I imagine this might send some OCD-ish types up the wall trying to perfect a 30 second smile… If it becomes robotic, I don’t think it would help much either.

  3. Hi Ezzie,

    That statistic about words (7%) and body language (55%) and tone of voice, which accounts for the missing percentage points, is from a study that has been taken completely out of context. The research that produced those numbers was about something very specific. I forget the details. You can probably Google it. But it has been taken out of context by dozens of speakers and marketers and over the years it has become a “fact.”

    Now, back to the info graphic to see what other “facts” they’ve documented.


  4. Best4 – Hey, I never claimed to do the research on it. I just thought it entertaining. FWIW, I don’t actually believe whatsoever that it’s about body language and not words (7%!? ludicrous). It was just fun.

    The only “real” point is that people should be somewhat aware of their body language (or at least get used to in general portraying themselves confidently). I’m always amazed at how unaware some people are as to how they will be talking to someone – some are flirting without being aware, some are trying to but their body language suggests the exact opposite. Is it this extreme? No.

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