Reason to Get Married #9

My father came to visit my apartment. Within the space of a day and a half he bought and banged together a cabinet, hung a full-length mirror on my bedroom door (how did he know exactly what I needed?), washed all the dinner dishes, and took out the garbage several times (my garbage can is, shall we say, well matched in size to my kitchen). He also made suggestions for improvements that he didn’t have time to implement before leaving.

“You’re pretty handy to have around,” I said, admiring my reflection in the mirror.

“This is why people have husbands,” he hinted.

“Oh! Really? Now I get it. So where can I get one?”

Anyone? Because I still need a few more things done before this place is completely homey.


12 thoughts on “Reason to Get Married #9

  1. What about afterwards?
    Are you looking for a long-term kind of husband or just as and when improvements are needed?
    Besurot tovot!!!

  2. My brothers are completely useless with a hammer. They call my father to hang up pictures. I put together anything that has “assembly required” on the box.

  3. Bad4s, there are certain items that just make a new place feel like home. In addition to mirrors, lamps, family pictures, and art really help to transform a dwelling place into a home. I think it was the kitchen garbage that did it for us. Just so you know some guys aren’t handy at all. In that case, I don’t know if this is a reason to get married per se. I think you’re looking for a handyman not a husband… 😛

    GP, I think you’re wrong. Some people are born with the talent, other just aren’t. I personally love IKEA projects; it’s like LEGO for adults, yet, I know many people who can’t build the stuff if they’re lives depended on it.

  4. Every apartment should have its own toolbox, and the residents should know how to use it: Hammer,nails, screwdriver, phillipshead screwdriver, adjustable wrench, duct tape, wd40, sandpapers, * electric drill w/bits*, goggles,level, yardstick, etc…All basic skill sets can be learned via internet, or in person. Get married because you want to spend your life with a specific person. But there is noting to be ashamed of in being able to fix stuff yourself.

  5. Where can you get one? Lasso one on a Jewish busy street, explain that since you need a husband and he gets to avoid the courtship rituals of shidduch dating, it’s a perfect match! (JK, but imagine the expression on everyone’s faces!)

  6. I know how to use a hammer and nails. I outfitted most of the apt already. But he cast a new eye on the apartment, and with greater experience on what makes a house a home, and came up with some ideas.

    …also, I kind of liked the taking out the garbage part. A lot.

  7. I think there are two points here worth noting.

    1) Having a man’sperspective, with a mind that functions and thinks very differently from a woman’s, can indeed provide greater and different assessment of figuring out a situation than if the woman were to approach the issue alone. The same goes for a man having a woman (or perhaps his wife’s) input. The things you talk about are more typically “husband jobs” – as ASoG would say

    2) Your father also has a lot of experience dealing with these things. Not every husband comes ready-to-go with all sorts of handy skills such as these. I am not afraid to admit that I have been learning a great deal on my own (such as this post: and have been growing more and more into the role of the typical husband who can fix/assemble anything around the apartment. I recently installed a new lever for our toilet after the old one snapped inside the tank from age and wear. That was definitely a new experience.

    Princess Lea – I do hope your married brothers learn some independence and skills on their own, because they’ll have to do things by themselves at some point in their lives. I guess the benefit of living farther away from my parents has helped me be more independent in these areas. I think a man can’t be a complete husband until he starts owning up to his fix-it responsibilities around the house. That isn’t to say I’m perfect, but I certainly hope to eventually attain the level of expertise and skill that my father has.

  8. SoG: While of course it is admirable to be a handy husband, frankly not every man can handle a hammer without losing some thumbs. We all have our talents, and in this day and age of Yellow Pages, thankfully handiness is not the most important thing in a marriage.

    If I end up assembling the book shelves, that’s okay. He’ll do the dishes.

  9. I am not handy. Like, at all. Like, can’t open a can of pickles. And it’s not like people haven’t tried to teach me.

    Despite having butter fingers and the world worst eye-hand coordination (Just ask my former driving instructor – the one I had before I reached the conclusion that the world is dangerous enough without adding my driving to the many risks of living), I suspect I could have gotten at least slightly better – had I not been a woman. It’s just so convenient to find a wiling male to help. My brothers used to happily come to my rescue, and now my husband is in charge of every fixing/assembling/constructing/can opening/installing/hanging etc I want. The funny thing is that, by nature, he is only marginally handier than I am – however, being a man he has always sought to improve his technical skills, and since getting married he has been absolutely brilliant in learning to do almost everything around the house. And, although I definitely didn’t marry him for that, I admire him for taking on the old-fashioned ‘husband duties’ without neglecting the more modern ones 🙂

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