Calvin and Hobbes Dancing

I’ve been enjoying this year’s back-to-school season more than ever before.

Because for the first time in 21 years I – I –




going back to school!

snoopy dance




Big Grin


11 thoughts on “Gloating

  1. Come next July when all the college students are heading out on vacation and you’re stuck at work, you’ll probably wish you were still in school.

    Spoken as someone who was stupid enough to get a job straight out of college and is now at work, while everyone else is on the beach!

  2. Although, Calvin and Hobbes weren’t dancing over no school in that strip; they were just boogying. But as I sincere devotee of C&H, I am just happy to see them.

    Or, you could have used the scene from “Braveheart.” Freeeeeeeedoooooooom!

  3. correction: come 4/15, you will probably feel the joy of IRS withholding, but with that comes the sobering realization that you just gave your government an interest-free loan. filing in multiple states also sounds like a party.

    the joy of employment is palpable at least every two weeks, but definitely isn’t when everyone asks how your summer has been (uh, same as the rest of the year. vacation? no, need it for yom tov). burnout? sure.

    in summary, there are pros and cons to both, and being a teacher isn’t always worth the straddle.

  4. As long as you’re not working in a field that requires professional exams or large amounts of continuing education, congrats!

  5. Have fun in the real world, I’m already there and fully employed. It won’t be fun working when everyone else is on summer vacation, but it’s sweet to be making money instead of going into debt, not having homework, to write essays and there’s no more worrying about midterms and finals.

  6. Frun ‘n Flippin, I know the feeling. I graduated college on a Thursday evening and went to work on Monday morning. But I had school loans, a car loan, and rent to pay, so it was necessary.

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