Another One Bites the Dust

I would like to dedicate this post to a fine young woman who is no longer with us. Charmingly cynical, you could always count on her for epigrams worthy of a demotivational poster.  Her daily uniform was a worn out, floor-sweeping denim skirt. She probably had jewelry just the way she probably had ankles. You rarely saw either.

And then she went and got engaged.

Some other creature is wearing her skin, now. Someone who smiles a lot; who wears dresses and heels and sparkly things framing her face. Someone who admits to bursting into tears at emotional moments (wait, did she say emotional moments?) and worst of all—yes, this is the most ominous of all—confesses to a desire to be nice to everyone.

Dear Friend (if you are, indeed, the same person): you are a lesson to us all. Nobody is immune. No matter how hard core, deeply baked, or hard boiled you are, in a moment of weakness (like a proposal) your defenses can be broached and you be reduced to a shy, giggling, mirror-checking, hair-flipping, makeup-fixing, dress-tugging girl.

Mazal tov, NEF#16.


6 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Query: Was she in denim while she was dating as well, or as soon as he put a ring on it she got the giggly bug?

    I do not wish to downgrade her bubbly joy, but if she is till behaving like this in 5 years, I will be very much surprised.

    I pray that I do not succumb to temporary insanity in my own time.

    Eh, who am I kidding. We all claim that we are immune; how many of us actually withstand the allure?

  2. 1- denim before, during, after, and now.

    2- give it six months. and for the record, i do not giggle. smiling was enough of a stretch to put me out of my comfort zone.

    3- i pray you do, and that you understand why you have and why it’s right to.

    4- if you’d like an expository essay on the nature of the condition and its onset and development, ask Bad4 for my contact info. we can talk. or you can wait until it happens and you get it. i hope soon.

  3. Upon re-reading, it appears I was unnecessarily snarky. I apologize for extrapolating giggling from this statement: “in a moment of weakness (like a proposal) your defenses can be broached and you be reduced to a shy, giggling . . . ”

    I concurred with Bad4 that there appears to be no vaccine. An expository essay is unnecessary, unless you have a control group of approximately 300 participants for comparison.

  4. If I have properly identified you, #16, based on Bad4’s spot-on description of you (loved the “demotivational posters”!) and your response… here’s another online mazal tov! May you and your talisman be blessed with good things always.

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