Why be Tactless?

After last Friday’s repost about how much I hate sensitivity, naturally someone sent me a link to a list of “Insensitive, Tactless Things You Shouldn’t Say to Single People.

Well, I’m going to put the emphasis on tactless, not insensitive. When you’re “insensitive,” the subject runs off into the corner to burst into tears. When you’re tactless, they go home and complain about this idiot woman (or man) in black who said the stupidest thing to them – oh why do people say things like that?

So, this is more about protecting the speaker from inadvertently embarrassing him/herself. You mean well, but you don’t know what to say? Time for a change of subject. Why are you talking about this person’s single status anyway? Unless it’s a late-night pity party with guests, they probably don’t want your take on their situation. And if it is  a late-night pity party with guests, you had better have something better up your sleeve than “There are lots of fish in the sea.”

Speaking of the fish in the sea comment – I disagree with the blogger’s assessment that there are lots of lions, tigers, and bears in the sea. Unless she means lionfish, tiger sharks, and, um… bears fishing?


5 thoughts on “Why be Tactless?

  1. Are you being sarcastic for her sarcastic?

    “No, there are fish? In the sea? Waddya know! And I thought other mammals made their home there!”

    What I think it boils down to is that everyone harps about how they found their bashert, but in your case you are doing something wrong to mess up. According to the laws of serendipity, no matter what I do wrong my soulmate will still show up.

    To the well-meaning people who still come off as incredibly stupid: Talk about the weather. Or say nothing at all.

  2. Hey, how come it’s always about us women in black? Aren’t other people tactless too? And at least we occasionally come through for you!

  3. Well by definition, we do have more experience in the whole marriage thing than you do…not saying that a married person has all the answers, just that we’re no dumber than you and our advice might count for something once in a while.

    Being bitter won’t do you any good.

  4. Thanks, Princess Lea, but it was Bad4 who referenced “this idiot woman (or man) in black”. Guess it’s time to embarrass my kids again by putting on that canary yellow jacket, so I can at least start out with some credibility.

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