It’s Good (& It’s Not)

What’s good: The Maccabeats Chanuka video. I would love to know when they’re scheduling the next latke-flipping clinic. It’s a skill I’ve always wanted, and I think I can catch on faster than Uri.

..and while I was digging around on their channel, I found their Rosh Hashana video. Hey, don’t I merit a blogger heads-up any more? I still get a few hits! Go over there and watch it a few thousand times so they see that it’s worth doing a little publicity. It’s probably their best video to date, so it shouldn’t be hard. And meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to subscribe to their channel.

What’s not so good: in response to the overload of Christmas music I’ve been subject to at this time of year, I checked to see if Pandora had a Hanukkah station. They do. Unfortunately, it’s not stocked with the Maccabeats or even senatorial contributions. It’s not really an improvement as far as seasonal music goes. But then I wondered: if you were to compile a Chanukah playlist that doesn’t make you want to tear your ears off, what songs would you put on it? I’m not sure we have enough songs to populate a list, even if we were to (grudgingly) make room for a Hava Nagila remix.

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