The Best Kind of Shopping (1 of 2)

If I had grown up in a world without internet shopping, I’d walk around in rags.

I hate shopping. It’s one long nuisance from beginning to end. First, you’re carrying something. Either it’s a jacket or a handbag. Either way, your hands aren’t completely free, and that bothers me like almost nothing else. I’m the girl who still uses a backpack to tote things around because it’s completely hands-free.

It’s not like I live in a world where I need my hands free to punch attackers or clamber up walls at a moment’s notice. I just like them available to do what they need to do – like flip through racks or hold up two things for comparison. Hands are handy tools, but only if they’re not being used as storage racks – a task just as ably done by an otherwise useless back or waist.

When you shop online, you don’t have to touch anything but the mouse, leaving one hand free for a mug of steaming hot chocolate or a fork full of pancake and dripping with syrup.

Then there are the racks themselves. Do they offer a MFA in store organization? Some stores organize by brand. Some by the dressiness of clothing. And some use a bizarre logic that designates some items “contemporary” and others “misses.” I’ve never understood where a contemporary miss is supposed to look, or why there’s no “vintage” or “ma’am’s” section.

Online, you can shop for exactly what you need. Orange top, ¾ sleeves?  Just check off the boxes and see what comes up. Want to know if there are any skirts that will cover your knees? The length is listed with the skirt, so all you need to know are you own personal measurements – something you’ve undoubtedly saved to an email in your inbox.

Oh, there are always surprises when it arrives in the mail, but as long as you’re within driving distance of a brick and mortar store, returns are no hassle at all. And the act of breezing in and out of the store without flipping a single hanger gives me immense joy.

Not walking into a store means fewer unexpected expenditures. You know, like when you dash into Marshalls to grab a spatula and somehow find yourself at the dressing room, with an ancient crone trying to decide whether to give you a number 5, because you’re carrying five items, or a 2, because the immersion blender, boots, and box of Jelly Bellies aren’t going to be tried on. (Spatula? Oh right, the spatula. Have to remember to get the spatula on the way out.)

And let’s not forget the greatest advantage of all. Online shopping can be done from a supine position in one’s overnight wear without the necessity of braving elements of any sort.

It’s just so comfortable. More than any kind of store shopping.

Or so I thought. Until I found a store where supine was a standard shopping position (prone wasn’t discouraged either).

To be continued in part 2



5 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Shopping (1 of 2)

  1. Your excuse about holding something (ie, one hand not free) applies to computer shopping as well (for some parts of it) when you are gripping the mouse.
    And, there are a lot more mistakes with online shopping (ie- what they said was 3/4 and what you think of as 3/4 is not the same….) leading to leaving the house eventually.
    And, those 60 percent off racks at Macy’s don’t show up online. Nor do Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Filene’s Basement- and other fashionable outlet stores….so you are bound to standard stores and their ‘sale’ prices.

    Although I must say, online shopping for kids is excellent, because no need to tote them along with you.

  2. Nah. Everyone my size shops things off the racks before they hit clearance. I’ve never found anything worthwhile on clearance. Although, since I hate sifting through messes, I don’t do a very thorough job. I’ll stick with the online sales. They’re steep enough for me.

    Catalogs aren’t the same. They don’t have reviews, 360 views, or even models for every style. Long live the web!

  3. The only stores I can think of where supine or prone are standard positions are: Toboggan & Sled Emporium, Bed Bazar, Funeral parlor…

  4. My dear girl, I too remain hands free, with messenger bags or backpacks, and I sift through racks like a demon.

    I have rarely succeeded when it comes to online shopping since it never fits right.

    To search through clearance – it gives me such a rush to find something for practically nothing that used to cost a lot. Happy happy joy joy.

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