Ten Commandments

Kudos to MCP for his Ten Commandments of dating. Check them out at the Peanut Gallery request last week. He threw an entire tub of butter at it.

When I posed the question, I was actually serious in a sardonic way. That is, the first three commandments I envisioned were:

Thou shalt not be a doctor-in-training

Thou shalt live in the greater New York City metropolitan area

Thou shalt know the exact standards of treatment your date expects and alter your behavior accordingly.

And then, somewhere around commandment ten I was going to tuck in: “I am thy God who split the Red Sea to take thee out of Egypt, and I can make a shidduch too.”

None of the suggestions quite fit the style I was going for, but maybe that’s why I had trouble in the first place – it’s too narrow. But it was fun anyway. So thanks everyone!




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