Today’s Post is Looping Out There

Someone recently informed me that my blog doesn’t qualify as a tech blog. Just to dispel the notions that my blog is inadequate in any way, I sat down to write a VBA program that would simulate dating in a safe, Microsoft environment.

Well, talk about too much success. My simulation was so accurate that it got caught in an infinite loop. It’s still dating in the background as I type. I think I’ll leave it there  just in case, in a few days or so, it finally calls the Wedding() subroutine.


10 thoughts on “Today’s Post is Looping Out There

  1. Well it’d have to be multi-threaded… and then you get race conditions, deadlock, starved threads… Hey yeah, it _does_ sound like dating.

  2. Come to think of it, dating seems to be uncommonly suited for the application of computer science concepts —

    – recursion: when each reference gives you someone else’s number to call who “knows him better than I do”

    – memoization: keeping track of the boy’s information and making sure you don’t go out with the same guy twice

    – travelling salesman problem: when an out-of-town girl tries to calculate the best visitation route across the country (or tri-state area) to meet all the shadchanim and/or date prospects

  3. After reading a lot of programming terms that I don’t recognize, I’m embarrassed to post my I-graduated-VBA101 code. You’ll just have to use your imagination. Or even better, write a program yourself!

  4. nope. bad4, i’m in the same position as you and usually use Excel instead of programming because i’m terrible at it. i just want to see if i can tweak your algorithm to converge.

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