Friday Repost: Not Begging for Shidduchim

The title doesn’t mean what you think it means. Go read the post about not begging… because of shidduchim.


2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Not Begging for Shidduchim

  1. It leeches into so much of our mindset. And you know what I concluded? People. Don’t. Care.

    Like they stay up all night thinking about the fact that you are not in the “right” college. Or if your bar mitzvah was posh enough. Or if the person you’re engaged to is impressive enough.

    People. Don’t. Care. Really. They may claim they do, but after their mouths stop moving, they focus on what actually happens to them.

  2. you gotta do what is good for you, live your life and enjoy, and don’t bat an eyelash what pple might think. . rachelli

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