Friday Repost: Photo of Me!

Right through this way, ladies and gents.


12 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Photo of Me!

  1. I can’t stand it when people compare dating and marriage to looking for a job. The two aren’t exactly equatable, and I find the whole CIA line of questioning bordering on disturbing (“What are her chisronos?” Seriously?)

    I am an animal lover, but if someone asked me what animal I am I would think, “Well, I know what YOU are.”

    Oink oink.

  2. Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with either of those questions. True I have never asked them, but if my references got asked them I wouldn’t be bothered by it. I would tell them to say I’m bold as a leopard, light as an eagle, swift as a deer and mighty as a lion. OK fine, that’s not funny.

    Oh, and I do something else for the chisronos question for interviews. I believe the best approach is to say something that yes, has little to do with the job, but also something that you’ve worked on and doesn’t really affect you anymore. For instance I said that I get stage fright. However, for my internship I had to give a presentation in front of 80+ people. That along with other job experiences has helped me overcome my fear.

  3. True story. Father of supposedly exemplary young man asked my friend. “would you say she is an elephant, or a toothpick” My horrified friend told the father she thought he was inappropriate. He retorted, “you would only say that if she was an elephant…so next question.”

  4. Whenever someone says “send me your resume,” I email them with a document specifically labeled BIO – because I am not applying for a job!
    Maybe next time I’ll attach a picture of an animal for fun though…..I always though koalas were adorable.

  5. B&N:

    It doesn’t matter if you call it a resume, a profile, a bio, etc. All it refers to is a way of saving the shadchan the work of jotting down all the information by hand, and then reading it slooowly, to the other side, while they sloooowly write it down, the way we used to do it! It’s not meant to depersonalize or devalue anyone (as evidenced by the fact that we happily write “resumes” for our own children.)

  6. @Random Shadcan
    I hear your point. But you get the basics from a bio (family background, education, maybe a little bit of hashkafa, and what the person is doing now.) And people sit on your bio forever and then finally make a decision based on that. I do not think anyone would know me based on that piece of paper.
    1. My blurb sounds like every other girls who is from place X, went to X highschool, X seminary,and X college
    2. Does anyone put on references that talk about their faults? – I have yet to hear a reference say “well he is a little socially awkward, a little boring, and has terrible manners…but you should go out with his anyways.”
    I once went out with a guy – a friend set us up. He didn’t see my bio, I didn’t see his and we just went out. It was definitely one of my better dates. Anyways, I will stop my ranting now 🙂

    and @iyhby – unfortunately I am not a koala in real life – although it does look like fun. Don’t they just climb trees and sleep all day?

  7. B&N:

    Re: references, never call ’em, for exactly that reason, but believe it or not, I know of several references who have spoken negatively about the subject!

    Re: the similarities, right, you do sound similar to other girls, unless you describe what makes you different. I am a big fan of that! But even if not, if someone sent you a resume, and the guy is 10 years older or younger than you, or went to a yeshiva on the opposite pole of what you’d like, wouldn’t you say no? That’s the whole point. And of course, beyond that, you’d do your own checking. But it’s a starting point, no matter what you call it.

    Re: people sitting on a bio and then saying no based just on that, you never know what research a person has done beyond your resume. For all you know, he called his best friend’s wife, and his second cousin who lives on your block.

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