Link to Hope (or Just Another Study)

HT to MF#7 (& Ezzie) who sent me this article reassuring educated women that they still have a shot at getting married, as long as they don’t insist on a guy more educated than themselves.  According to this chart, men want love, education, and good looks more than ever before. The article emphasizes the education part, of course.

2 thoughts on “Link to Hope (or Just Another Study)

  1. Have not read the article yet, but I guess you’re saying that even though the career/financial value of higher education seems to be declining, we should go on sending girls to college because it’s good for shidduchim? (wait, is that paradoxical?)

  2. I would love to marry someone smarter than me and with a better job. More money and better genes – what’s the problem?

    Well, it could just be that I have a huge ego. I also date women taller than me, and I’m the only guy I know who does that.

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