6 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old

  1. Great video, thanks for the chizuk. Not only did this prove that you are never too old to get married, but also proved that the age gap is a real problem. Didn’t you notice that the kallah is older than the chosson?

  2. I agree with everyone here – including some of iyhby, or at least his point about having kids. That becomes a bigger problem for us as Orthodox Jews, knowing it’s a mitzvah to procreate. Granted, one could make the argument that it’s possible someone isn’t meant to have children for one reason or another (I’m thinking about people who are biologically infertile/incapably of having children).

    Certainly you’re never too old to get married – and that is an important point we must all think about. I know several 30-somethings who finally got married recently – within the last year or so – and some are happily raising their first child. We need to take stock of what it means to be “too old” – and ANYTHING under 30 is not TOO old, as too many seem to believe these days.

  3. -bad4

    -Shades of Grey
    29 is not too old? Try telling that to any frum girl or guy. Even in the non-frum world many people are married by that age. A guy at work just got married at 36 and everyone was pocking fun at him for doing this at such a late age. And then there’s the 27 year old woman who sits next to me who complains 40 times a day about being unmarried. 30 is old.

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