Friday Repost: The Question That Didn’t Make Me Cry

I’m not that great with sensitivity. I usually notice its presence because it irritates me, but I rarely note its absence.

Awkward moment at work: they gave us all barcodes for our employee numbers so it’s easier to log who gets what just by scanning your badge. Naturally, it engendered a few snarky comments, the most obvious being that they should stick the barcode directly to us, just like with any other asset. This idea occurred to pretty much everyone, including myself. So it did not strike me as unusual when a few colleagues rolled their eyes and wondered why they didn’t just inkjet it onto our wrists. Later that day a distraught colleague came over to apologize for being so callous. It took me a few minutes to figure out what she was talking about. Then I had the difficult task of reassuring her that I wasn’t offended without making her feel stupid for worrying that I might have been. Sensitivity, imho, should be abolished.

Anyway, that wasn’t the first time someone apologize for an insensitivity that went over my head.


One thought on “Friday Repost: The Question That Didn’t Make Me Cry

  1. Lol, similar thing just happened at work! (just the opposite)

    We were at a meeting talking about having a raffle for something and who was going to be in charge. So the guy said, “yeah, we can put names in a hat and pick a name, so iyHby can do it.” I laughed thinking he meant because I could use my yarmulka.

    After the meeting he came over to me to apologize. I told him I actually thought it was really funny and wasn’t offended in the least bit. He said he did not mean that at all. Just usually when he asks for volunteers for anything everyone tries diverting their eyes and he said he thought it was funny that I was the only one staring right at him. So he volunteered me and only when I smiled did he chap and make the connection.

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