Why You’re Single in New York

According to Patti Stanger, it’s because New Yorkers are neurotic, self-absorbed <bleeeeeeeep>s. According to social studies on why there are so many single people in New York City – well, pretty much the same thing.

Thank you Best4 for reminding me why it’s really better for shidduchim to be outside the City scene.


7 thoughts on “Why You’re Single in New York

  1. Despite the fact that Patti Stanger is a third generation shadchan (albeit with the vocabulary of a sailor), she is not exactly a quote. Some things she gets right, but her own personal life is a bit of mess.

    The guys she deals with out in California aren’t exactly the epitome of chivalry.

  2. Your post doesn’t make sense.

    In NY I can date people from Chicago, LA, Baltimore… but out of town I would have to go to each individual city to date those people.

  3. Yes but in NY you’re a picky jerk who will never settle, while OOT you’re reasonable and open-minded.

  4. Just some funny quotes from the article:

    1. Stanger’s dating tips for women include loosening up with a cocktail “or two,” she said. —> Wouldn’t really work by us.

    2. As for New York men, Stanger said they’re lucky the local male-female ratio is heavily in the guys’ favor. —> Hey look, they also have a shidduch crisis too!

    3. Stanger advised single men not to make their mind up about a person in the first six seconds of checking them out. —> That’s why we have bios. So you can make up your mind about a person in the first six seconds of looking at his or her bio! (something which I also have probably been guilty of.)

  5. Wait…so if it’s better to be outside the NY area, why did I choose grad school in NY again?? I thought staying in NY boosts your shidduch chances?

  6. @B&N….Again

    It boosts your chances of meeting people, but the mentality becomes the numbers game. There’s less people out of town, but because there’s fewer choices they’ll try harder to make it work than NY people will.

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