I Like This Dating

HT to O. Can we set this up with an Ave J shoe vendor? Although, I can just see the potential mother-in-laws explaining the deeper meaning of shoes to their ignorant sons.

“Flats are either aidel or tall. The three-inch platforms are very stylish these days. If she’s still wearing pointy toes, she’s a little bit behind. Kitten heels? Professional, maybe. Who wears those?”

4 thoughts on “I Like This Dating

  1. Ha! This is hilarious, and the good-natured fun of this venture makes think it would be a fun way to spice up the Orthodox dating world. Obviously, there would need to be some screening to make sure creepy old men don’t prey on vulnerable young ladies, but I don’t see why this couldn’t be tested out, at least for a short duration.

    Heck, if the date didn’t work out, at least the girl would get a new pair of shoes, right? And if the guy is spending what I presume will be a bit more money than free + a diet coke in a hotel lobby, then he’ll put more effort into making the date worth his while too.

    I say we should go for it!

  2. The only reason they need to explain is because those of us who know the difference are already married. Coincidence? You decide…

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