Two-in-One Package

If my defense of the Jewish nose did not impress you, and you have decided to trim your tooter, you can now get it done over vacation for merely the price of a plane ticket.

A Floridian plastic surgeon is offering his rhinoplasty services pro-bono to eligible singles who would really benefit from a rebuilt rhinos. Take a week off for some fun in the sun, come back with a new nose. What could be a better deal?

Even better, you can see his work showcased in the topical music video by the Groggers – the lead singer has his nose done in exchange for the song. The credits in the video roll between a before and after profile.

HT to the Not-in-Kansas-Anymore Rabbi


4 thoughts on “Two-in-One Package

  1. Already wrote a blog post about my thoughts on this (as you may or may not know): – and I think the video is partially responsible for generation of the reprehensible column.

    As I also mentioned in the comments on your other post, I’ve got a new sci-fi story in the works, to be released later this week, that takes this theme to the next level.

    However, at the rate things are progressing, I wonder how much futuristic fiction is going to be a part of the story versus present reality – and THAT is scary.

  2. Maybe that’s his spring break / pre-summer promo? Just like the saying, give a dog a bone and he wants your whole arm means that the free rhinoplasty is just bait but deep inside he knows that the patients will be back for more.

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