Flogging a Black Horse

The three of us lounged in chairs outside, soaking up the sun on the absurdly warm Shabbos afternoon.

“You know,” I commented, “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone walk past in anything but black.”

My companions sigh and shake their heads. “It’s terrible. In the frum stores they don’t sell anything but black.”

“My friend’s cleaning lady asked at what age do girls have to start wearing black.”

“Someone in the supermarket asked me if we have to wear black.”

“It’s really terrible how it looks.”

“I don’t know why everyone wears it.”

“Well, it’s slimming. And easy to match.”

“But still.”

Agreement all around. This black business was out of hand.

I shifted in my chair, sweating lightly. The sun was getting unbearably hot, even for me in my spring beige. For my companions, dressed all in black, it must have been searing.



11 thoughts on “Flogging a Black Horse

  1. Especially at weddings-all the girls are wearing black. I always commend my friends who shown up in some daring color-like maybe dark purple or navy (meaning any color that isn’t black). I really want to dare someone to wear bright orange once.

  2. Strangely, I am wearing some black today, but it’s an anomaly as I enjoy wearing bright colors all year round. I am told I look particularly good in coral.

  3. It’s a NY thing. In my home town they wear colors, and all my sisters still do even the one’s who moved to NY. The OOT come to NY and don’t understand what’s going on, and so they just stick to their ways.

  4. I’ve already expressed my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. For the record, a few months ago, a commenter on DovBear’s blog expressed the opinion that the tradition of black-hat men dressing in black and white is an imitation of Catholic priests.

    B&N….Again said, “Especially at weddings-all the girls are wearing black.” Back in the prehistoric era, when yours truly, the resident dinosaur of the Jewish blogosphere :), was young, it would have been absolutely unheard of for any woman to wear black to a wedding, ever. Black was the color of mourning–see photos of President Kennedy’s funeral for proof–and wearing black to a wedding would have meant that you were extremely unhappy about it. This would have been an insult to the bride and groom and their families.

  5. iyhby – Your homwtown is the worst offender I have ever seen, including the tri-state area.

  6. bad4 – no idea what you’re talking about. Unless you daven by a few more yeshivish shuls in the other neighborhood. But me thinks you do not walk that far.

  7. iyhby – If you mean your neighborhood, no I don’t go there, because nobody wears anything but black. But even around here there is an extraordinary amount of black around.

  8. No, I don’t mean my neighborhood. That wouldn’t make sense. My neighborhood borders yours and we share the same shuls. I mean the other neighborhood that is a 40 minute walk. Those shuls are more yeshivish except for the YI. But that is becuase that neighborhood is the yeshivish neighborhood.

    I’m here for pesach and I’m looking around. People wear color!

  9. WEll, my two companions were from the other neighborhood, but all the people walking past weren’t. Though I admit, I was on the yeshivish block. I’ll look around during the second days and see.

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