Friday Repost: Analysis of the Dressing Habits of the Orthodox Jewish Female of Marriageable Age

Abstract: A statistical analysis was done of the dressing habits of the orthodox Jewish female of marriageable age. Scores were assigned to various levels of dress and plotted against the nuptial stage of the woman. A significant drop in dress score was found to follow engagement, followed by a brief but short-lived rise after marriage.

For the full-text document.


One thought on “Friday Repost: Analysis of the Dressing Habits of the Orthodox Jewish Female of Marriageable Age

  1. Are these girls dressing up so that shadchanim notice them or so that guys do (or mothers trying to marry off their sons)?
    I won’t ask since when did any of those groups become so shallow, because that’s the topic of Bad4’s next post ( ). Instead, I ask, if you all dress the exact same–black knee-length skirt, high heels and obscene amounts of make-up, why do you think you will stand out from the crowd and be the one girl that the shadchan/guy/mother notices? In a society where everyone’s competing to be the exact same, how do you win?
    Maybe, for a change, you should try to be yourself–dress however you feel like dressing. It will send the message that you are NOT shallow, that you have self-confidence and self-esteem, and if any shadchan/guy/mother notices you, you’ll know that they’re not shallow either.

    At this point, some of you are probably thinking, “If we all look the same on the outside, then people will distinguish us based on our internal qualities and use that to find us the best matches.” Stop and think about this for a second. How is anyone who sees you at a wedding and asks a friend of yours for your name and number going to know anything about your internal qualities until the wedding is long over? By that time, they’ve already narrowed down the options to the few girls who look the most like all the others, without knowing anything about your internal qualities.

    I’m a frum, single guy who rarely looks at the girls at weddings, because I realized a long time ago that 1) there’s nothing to see–seen one, seen ’em all, and 2) all the singles are dressed in a way that satisfies the lowest technical standards of halacha and is completely against the spirit of the law. Who told you that that’s a smart way to attract a decent guy? (Rhetorical question–your mother and grandma tell you every time you’re getting dressed for a wedding.)

    In all seriousness, if I ever saw a girl at a wedding who wasn’t dressed to look like everyone else, I’d walk right up to her, let her know that I admire her self-confidence, and ask her on a date. And then she’ll probably say she’s engaged.

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