Pesach Special

Credit for this Pesach special goes to O and her sources. The puns are mine if unattributed.

The Pesach seder is a wonderful thing. The emphasis on text is strong, and the text doesn’t afford many opportunities to dwell on your marital status to the tune that, say, Ma Yedidus does, with its infamous  “Uleshadech Habanos” line. So you might have thought you’d be freed from having to hear about it.

Well, tis not so. Even Pesach has its segulos for getting married. The Washington Post reports:

Syrian Jews, however, see that wine very differently. The seder leader reciting the plagues empties the wine from a ceremonial cup into a vessel held by the oldest single woman at the seder table, in hopes of bringing her good luck in finding a husband, Sarina Roffe explained. …

She remembers the last time she was that young woman. “I was 18,” said Roffe, of Brooklyn, N.Y. By the time Passover rolled around the next year, she was engaged.

See? It works!

But just in case, here’s an afikomen present  you may want to request, courtesy of Macys:

Singles CoutureAnd, to quote O: “It brings new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve.”

One heart, lightly used, please claim.


5 thoughts on “Pesach Special

  1. The Washington Post left out another Syrian tradition where single girls to play a role in the Seder. Before Ma Nishtana, the Seder plate is removed from the table. From the Sephardic Heritage Haggadah: “In the Syrian community,it is customary for a girl of marriageable age to remove the ka’arah.”
    For most of my childhood, this was my sister’s job, but a few years ago, my grandmother took on the responsibility when she became the only single woman at the Seder.

  2. In my house, the single and marriageable aged are the ones to open the door for Eliyahu. It’s supposed to be a segulah, but it hasn’t worked for me.

  3. The biggest segulah on Pesach is to say the entire Maggid whilst standing on one’s head. It’s an interesting one though, very specific – all it guarantees is a red head…(Collective groan around my shabbos table “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddy”)

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