Friday Repost: Ay, There’s a Rub

Usually I don’t mind being single. I have lots of clever and fun friends, I self-entertain pretty easily, and I only worry about my cooking when I have guests. Eating out is easy to rig so that you wind up either at people you like or with people you like. And the only person leaving socks on the floor is me, which is somehow not very bothersome.

But there are some social situations where you just can’t rig it to be comfortable. Weddings can be awkward. Family reunions too. And that’s when it is suddenly glaringly obvious that you are Single, all alone in the world, on your own, a perpetual outsider


3 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Ay, There’s a Rub

  1. You need to find a guy in your same situation and agree to go to all the family stuff together. Let the tongues wag, you will no longer be forgotten or unloved, that’s for sure.

  2. “Single, all alone in the world, on your own, a perpetual outsider” Oy! Your posts often make me cry.

    But yeah, 5 older siblings married with kids.

    I actually just had a meal over shabbos with a whole bunch of friends of mine who I havent seen in a while. Then it occurred to me I havent seen them becuase they are busy with their wives and kids. So me and the only other single guy sat there without our wife and kids and sorta felt out of place. Especially when one turns to me holding up his kids saying, “You really want one of these?” Lol.

    Smile! 🙂

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