Friday Repost: Remember Being Passionate?

I guess I’m jaded. I no longer get indignant about indignities, semantics, and cognitive shortcuts that people take in shidduchim.


2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Remember Being Passionate?

  1. Huh – your “random post” button (awesome) actually took me over to another list-oriented post right before I saw this. I hope I’m not breaking blog etiquette (sp?) by copying my comment from there over here, but maybe it’ll get a bit of discussion going…

    I feel like most people here really misunderstand the idea of a “list”. I can only tell you my own experience, which is this: I made such a list about six months after a difficult, painful breakup and about four months before I started going out with my husband. It helped me realize some important things: what was missing in my previous relationship, what was there but ultimately unimportant, what kind of relationship did I want to have, why, etc.
    I don’t think I referred to the list once when I actually started dating my husband – in fact, I think today was the first time I looked at it since we met (we have been married almost a year and a half now, b”h). But writing it helped put me in a much better frame of mind for dating. If you are already self-aware enough to be in that frame of mind, more power to you. But the fact that some people have a million ridiculous qualities on their “lists” doesn’t make the list a bad idea to begin with; it just means those people’s priorities are messed up, or that maybe they’re not mature enough to build a relationship.

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