Conversation of the Week: Somebody

“…Well, I have to meet someone later this afternoon.”

“Anyone I know?”


“Who is it?”


“Yes, obviously. I mean, who?”

“Somebody, just somebody.”

“Oh! Somebody. Sorry. I’m a little slow today. Well, enjoy hanging out with Somebody.”



7 thoughts on “Conversation of the Week: Somebody

  1. Better than any conversations I’m having this week. I’m just sitting in my apartment studying. Haven’t spoken to anyone in days. Or shaved. Or showered.

  2. OK, that part was a joke, I do shower. But I haven’t shaved. I sorta feel like since I did shave for the rest of sefira for work, now that I’m not working until after shavuos I won’t shave.

    Plus, that’s a loss of study time! So is this…

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