Friday Repost: Not Me, Though

I was going through old posts when I found my link to a funny post by Bas~Melech. It’s worth a read. I miss her writing. She stopped blogging when she, ah, got engaged… Engaged! That scourge of creative effort. The blight of originality. The… well, you know how it is. A person has a fun, sparkling personality with lots of creative output, and then they go and get married and you’re lucky if they do anything more interesting than upside-down horseradish cake ever again.


7 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Not Me, Though

  1. If my married friends went and started making upside-down horseradish cakes I’d have to question their sanity.

    I went out with a girl who it appeared had never dated a guy who wore a hat. She spent quite a while trying to figure out the significance of it for me.

    In the end I’m just a bunsen burner anyway… sigh.

  2. About BasMelech’s post:

    Bad4, In one of your comments on your link to BasMelech’s post,you write “How about a descriptive paragraph? Essay writing need not be limited to the classroom.”

    If everyone had adopted your suggestion when you first wrote it 5 years ago, you’d be married by now. No joke–you have more creative writing experience than [finish this sentence however you fancy]. I like the essay idea, because it would turn the tables, giving people like you and me [i.e. people who can express themselves] the advantage.

    Unfortunately, not everyone’s strength is in writing. In particular, People With Labels would have a very hard time writing a descriptive essay about themselves. Some would hire a professional, others would plagiarize an essay from someone they idolize, but most would write something that’s more or less a list of Labels in essay format. Shadchanim would glance at it, highlight key phrases and end up with roughly the same List of Labels they have now (albeit high-lighted), so perhaps this was tried in the past and evolved into the current system because it’s less work for everyone.

    I recently pitched a more conventional twist on this idea, suggesting to a girl that she mention some hobbies in her resume, with the goal of grabbing some young man’s attention. Whether he shares the hobby or it just piques his interest because he thinks, “Hmmm…that’s original, sounds interesting…,” it can only help, right?

    After objecting to a few drafts where her hobbies were all variations of “doing chessed” and “spending time with friends and family,” I finally managed to convince her that she must have some other activity that she enjoys. In the e-mail where she finally admitted to having hobbies, she wrote:
    “I really don’t know what to add to [my resume], because whatever I would write would either make me sound really shallow or a little more on the modern side,” both of which are deadly Labels in her case.

    Let’s not pretend we’re bound by the current Rules Of The Game.
    For those who would like to express themselves creatively, all we need to get started is one Trusted Third Party (TTP) who’s willing to read essays, respect everyone’s privacy (and intellectual property rights?), and suggest matches. Interested in volunteering? E-mail me (or Bad4) a creative essay that explains why you are interested in being a TTP, any related experience, and whether you would use a highlighter.

  3. 1. I have never made an upside-down horseradish cake. If you have a good recipe, maybe I should try, though…

    2. I did NOT stop blogging when I got engaged. I just went to confirm, there were 14 posts since then, 10 of which were after the wedding. Plus, I do a bit on a different blog now, but it probably wouldn’t interest you – work stuff.

    3. Creativity still alive. Let’s see how many ways YOU can come up with to safely entertain a toddler. (I was SO going to post about that. The creativity is still there somewhere, it’s the TIME that goes…)

    Anyway, it’s so nice to be remembered, maybe I actually WILL do a celebratory post… one of these days.

  4. I echo the cries of “what the heck is a horseradish cake, upside or right side up?”

    Consider my protests at my limited creativity due to my marital and progeny-ious state logged, as well.

  5. I have no idea what an upside-down horseradish cake is, but Cathy makes one in one of the Bruno & Boots books. If you google horseradish cake, it seems to be a dinner type of food, not a dessert type. And probably if you put the crust on top it becomes upside down.

  6. Bad4, don’t talk until you get married! Even if you had the money to pay for a housekeeper and a babysitter, maintaining a relationship takes time! Honestly, it takes hours a day! (That is a lot of time, once you think about it) Anyway, I’m sure she’s doing interesting things, they’re just in her head as opposed to online. I’m doing plenty of interesting things right now, BESIDES having a baby and baby number 2 and hubby and house and college and some work… (interesting things being thinking, reading…)

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