Friday Repost: My Summers Chasing Boys

Remember learning about ma’aras ayin? I never understood it. I mean, who on earth would suspect a frum aidel girl of going into a Mickey-Ds for a burger? Obviously she’s either pregnant and needs the bathroom or is going for coffee. Anyone who suspects otherwise is the person with the problem (probably lack of life experience or imagination), not the visitor to the Golden Arches.

That’s what pops to mind when I reread this post about being seen with men in public, or chasing boys around for a summer. For details, click on over.


One thought on “Friday Repost: My Summers Chasing Boys

  1. My sister and I a few times used to leave each other messages on Touro’s bulletin board in the second floor lounge on ave J (girls are tue/thurs, guys mon/wed). Little did I know until someone mentioned it to me but certain people thought that I was trying to sneak and hide a girlfriend. Really? In the days of cell phones if I need to sneak it’s a lot easier than Touro’s bulletin board!

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