Skip Dor Yesharim

What you need is a sniff test. And a few other tests.  Hat tip to O for this set of four indicators of marriage success. If you have can only take one pre-marital test, take this one.


16 thoughts on “Skip Dor Yesharim

  1. As a biologist, there is another reason to skip Dor Yeshorim: since they do not disclose actual carrier or disease status, heterozygotes tend to propagate their status without being able to tell their children (who may not all get tested by Dor Yeshorim, due to mobility of different sorts). I find it indefensible that an organization ostensibly dedicated to genetic health does not actually do the most important thing to prevent against them, to create a maximally informed public.

    To give a personal example: I am aware of my carrier status for one of the Ashkenazi diseases. This allows me to make informed decisions when it comes to other health issues, and to be able to tell my children that they may need to consider PGD if an when it becomes an issue.

  2. they do it on purpose, because the charedi community stigmatizes anything and anyone at the drop of a hat (you may not know of someone’s carrier status for certain diseases, say, because they put afflicted children up for adoption so as not to ruin shidduchim). it’s a much more expensive option, but i had a lab test with all the results disclosed. people like DY because it’s much cheaper and easier. and they have a point- let’s promote genetic health in a way that plays to the sensitivies of the community such that they may actually participate.

  3. This article seems to say that physical attraction is important…how dare the author suggest that!!! All he is doing is propagating the picture crisis in our community by telling our boys that it is OK to be shallow and hold out for someone who you find attractive. What a chutzpah. The antisemitism is blatant and beyond egregious. We should ban him.

  4. hysterical. but i would still keep DY – especially since these 4 tests have a couple of issues

    1. Physical attraction: Slight shomer negiah issue? We would have to do a shomer high five or something like that.
    2. Sympathy: I don’t know about other people but I faint when I see other people getting blood. I might not really care about the guy but my fainting can definitely be taken as a “sympathetic reaction.”
    3. Body Odor – just sounds weird.
    4. Nervous Disorder – Gunshots sound a little extreme. How about just putting them in a simulated car ride going on a pretend date and the car doesn’t start right away (has happened to me twice.)

    But thinking about it, these 4 tests might be easier than bios and give you even more information.

  5. I bring a fake gun on dates and “attempt” to shoot myself. If she tries to stop me, she obviously cares about me, and I propose. If she doesn’t, I take her home.

    No one has ever said yes to the proposal 😦

  6. this is TMI, but my husband, being male, has sometimes gone without showering for an alarming number of days and still doesn’t smell, at least so far as i can tell. i wonder if there’s something to that sniff test…

  7. Well, by now most people on the east coast have heard of this and thus won’t go out with me. So lately I’ve been branching out more west. Say…. Cleveland to LA.

  8. iyhby- assuming you’re serious-find yourself a new way of evaluating if a girl is the right one for you-or be prepared to wait a long time to find the right one. I really hope you were joking.

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