5 thoughts on “Friday Repost: This Isn’t Official Yet…

  1. First the parents, then the grandparents…funny but not! I was at a simcha when a “reliable source” told me that so and so is engaged to such and such. WOW! Mazel Tov, I am SOOOO happy for them, as i am close with many members of this large extended family AND within the past month there had been some bad/sad news impacting this family. B”H news of a simcha!

    I texted the mother of one of the engaged parties to wish her a sincere and heartfelt mazel tov. I immediately got a stern sounding text from my friend’s HUSBAND, saying who told you that? I texted back. CALL ME. Which he did. He proceeded to quiz me as to who told me, what did they tell me, did they tell me who the other party was, etc etc. When I answered all his questions with what seemed to be the correct answers, his response was SHREK, it’s not official, I haven’t even called my PARENTS! (meaning the grandparents of one of the engagees).

    Don’t know who was responsible for that leak, but they were apparently very well connected as this couple and the parents were not even within the city limits, but were in fact a 3 hour drive away, when I had already heard about the officially unofficial engagement.

  2. What I can’t understand why there has to be phrases like “He’s getting engaged tonight.” Is it any less of an engagement if there isn’t a houseful of people ready to shriek “OMG!”? Wouldn’t it be nicer to spend the evening together, relishing the romantic moment for posterity THEN release the hounds?

    It even gets me annoyed when an audience is invited to the engagement itself. A private ceremony is now invaded by flashing cameras and squealing.

  3. That awkward moment when you buy booze for an “unofficially (waiting till after Yom Tov) Engaged” couple’s lchaim only to have them hold off and potentially change their collective mind…

  4. I’ve had too many friends tell me they are unofficially engaged only to never get engaged in the end, so I never listen to these things.

    Then again I’ve known many engagements that never turned into a marriage, and many marriages that ended in divorce, so maybe I should accept the unofficially engaged?

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