Quote of the Week: Would You Go Out With Someone Who

Is it not the strangest question ever? “Would you go out with someone who wears a knitted kippa?” “Would you go out with a girl who wears denim skirts?” “Would you go out with a guy who doesn’t have a college degree?” “Would you go out with a girl studying to be a doctor?”

A gentleman was asked one of these types of questions. His reply? “That’s kind of like asking me if I’d eat baking powder. If there are other ingredients with it, then yes, I do.”

How’s that for clever? Here’s one of my favorite ways to eat baking powder. What’s yours?

Combine 5 teaspoons of it with the following ingredients:

2.5 c whole wheat flour

2 tablespoons honey

2 eggs

2 C milk

4 tablespoons oil

Mix wet and dry separately. Stir to moisten. Drip tablespoonfulls into a frying pan greased with hot oil. Fry.

15 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Would You Go Out With Someone Who

  1. Would you go out with a girl who secretly blogs?

    As an aside, do you disclose the existence of this blog to your dates? Isn’t the relationship doomed from the outset if he’s really only meeting part of you for a significant amount of time (during a significant time)? Have you thought about how he will feel when he finds out (assuming it’s sometime “after” your first or second meeting)?

  2. Now you’re going into food blogging territory, awesome!

    Also, that’s a brilliant answer. I’m going to borrow it for all of my “would you go out” queries.

  3. Pet peeve! I hate when one quality of a person is singled out like that. I find myself saying that all the time – “Tell me more about him and then I will make a decision.” How can you say yes/no to a date based one one small thing? Unless the question is – “Would you go out with someone who served prison time?” or something along those lines.

  4. SaraK, you raised a good point with the prison question. Everyon has a line that they won’t cross. Bad4, would you go out with a guy doesn’t wear a yamulka (or any head covering)? I’m assuming your answer would be no. True, nitty gritty details may not be important but everyone considers different things nitty gritty

  5. Alan B.,
    Bad4 might be a bit frustrated about not finding Mr Right but I don’t think she’s jumping ship to look for Mrs. Right — so no, she probably won’t date a girl who secretly blogs, regardless of what other attributes the secret blogger may have.
    As for your aside, ultimately, bad4 would probably connect well with a guy who shares the perspective and views she expresses on this blog — I highly doubt she is Miss-Aidel-Maidel-fluffy-head-in-clouds-Dr-Jekyll on dates, yet comes home from the date and turns into Mr (Mrs) Hyde and blogs her true colors. I am fairly confident that if she hits it off with someone and they get to 5th/6th/7th (fill in arbitrary # here), the “secret blogging” revelation won’t come with a “shock factor” — the guy will probably say “Cool, makes sense.” I’m sure the cloak of anonymity is due to many people’s quick judgments/prejudices as well as a certain degree of vulnerability associated with having your name out in a public forum.

    Krueger, would you go out with a girl who reads and comments on this blog with what I assume is a made up name? :-p

    (Bad4, my apologies if I am totally off base with my assessment)

  6. A secret blog should be the worst secret a girl reveals to me on a later date. Considering what I’ve been told by some people, I wish they only had a secret dating blog.

  7. Wow, is that really a Princeton professor commenting on my blog? Or just someone playing dress-up on the www? My dates all meet the same amount of me as anyone else when we date. I think it’s more fair, considering that I don’t get to read his blog before the date either. The few times I’ve gone out with guys who had read my blog, the relationship felt weirdly lopsided, as he knew far more about me than I knew about him. As Good4 would say, awk-ward!

    Good4Bad4 – you’re doing fine. Carry on. 😀

    Overtimecook – you’ve inspired another post.

    iyhby – Now I’m curious.

  8. A lot of people have deal-breakers (red hair, chinuch, just to name a couple) May as well get them out of the way before wasting anyone’s time.

  9. B4S,
    Eagerly awaiting an opportunity to carry on but apparently the professor is too busy (presumably pursuing an inappropriate relationship with a student) to respond… As he is the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Obama, we may now have a better understanding as to why our country is in a economic crisis — people like him are stalking blogs like this all day…

  10. I think Good4Bad4 may have the hotts for Bad4. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Tongue twister alert.

  11. I’m more of a Peter Piper picked a peck of seashells by the seashore if a woodchuck could chuck wood kinda guy.
    I scream, you scream, we all scream for Bad4’s engagement in the near future IYH

  12. I view it more like a therapeutic support group for singles who have reached the age where we need to smile and pretend we’re soooo happy for everyone else while we’re secretly dying a little more inside when we have to live amongst friends making their 2nd child’s bris or 3rd kiddush and 700th picture post to FB of their “adorable” baby…

  13. ….and then have to listen to our friend, after he has his third kid, tell us he’s drowning in credit card debt and it’s affecting his marriage. Or the guy who tells me us wife doesn’t get his jokes, but it’s OK, he married her becuase she’s pretty. Or the guys who will eventually admit marriage really doesn’t make you happier, it’s just something you have to do.

    Na, I just come here for the entertainment aspect.

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