7 thoughts on “Reason #12 for Getting Married

  1. So nu, what’d you cook? And I totally agree. I also love boasting to my husband about how healthy everything is and how many secret ingredients I managed to put in.

  2. That’s a reason to have female friends. Sorry but guys don’t compliment you. Not on looks anyway. Make some great cookies and they might (long shot) get a compliment.

  3. Overtimecook, I beg to differ. My husband notices the way things are displayed. All guys are not the same.

  4. overtimecook –

    If you’re married and you’re husband does not compliment you on your looks, sounds like you’re a step away from needing counseling.

    If you’re single, who do you want to compliment you? You’re dates? Oh, that’ll work for us.

    Some creep on the street? That’s what you want?

    You’re boss?

    Please explain.

  5. or, they will taste it and tell you that “it tastes like food”. i save the magnificent effort and plating for the parents, in-laws, and friends. on the flipside, it’s very liberating to be able to serve anything i want for dinner, provided it’s filling and tastes like food. and, if for some reason i want cereal or ice cream for dinner, the suggestion is met with great enthusiasm.

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