Shidduch Bench

Hat tip to my Auntie. Kudos to the guy who did the photoshopping.


14 thoughts on “Shidduch Bench

  1. This is hilarious. I could totally see this becoming the norm in 10 years in certain circles if things continue to slide toward the insanity that already plagues them. Dating will be confined to very public places like sidewalks of frum neighborhoods to avoid any chance of yichud, and this set up will prevent even a thought of physical contact. Funny stuff!

  2. cute i got an email of it! did u hear of this new orthodox dating website for yeshivish and all types?

  3. “Yeshivish and all types”? Why singling out yeshivish? I got a link to it, but I haven’t yet figured out what makes it special.

  4. Err … where does the shadchan sit? Also where is this unique bench found? …
    Oh and a halalchik Shayla … the back of the bench still joins the niddah woman to her shidduch male… Maybe the poskim from B’nei Brak and Bet Shemesh or the Satmar Rav can find another Chumrah to make it assur?

  5. well if you sign up youll see – its mostly the whole personality test to match up people and you can do it through a shadchan and most yeshivish people would not go on dating sites thats why im singling them out bec this is differnet if u go on the website u can see all the faq and the about section to c what the website is about….

  6. right ari … ans there is a sizeable number of beligian frum Jews living or doing business in Antwerp, Belgium

  7. The European setting was one reason I thought it had to be Photoshopped (someone googled up a picture and got to work on it), but I didn’t think of the art exhibit option.

  8. Ha ha, I actually had someone at work ask me today, why is when she jogs by a park near Lakewood does she always see Jewish dates sitting on opposite sides of park benches?

    Oh, and she also asked me why she sees the same guy there with a different date every other night? 🙂

    The one question I couldn’t answer is she asked why do the parents tag along and then wander around in close proximity? I told her I swear I don’t know anyone personally who does that.

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