Friday Repost: Same Age Different Stage

Meeting someone my age who has a baby, a toddler, and a young child no longer fazes me. But the first time I ran into a stranger my age at that stage, I was a bit thrown. Or maybe it was because I was the only single at the table. At any rate, I had a very “left behind” feeling.

2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Same Age Different Stage

  1. Thought you’d connect with this…

    The Waiting Game

    I have arrived at the waiting place.
    People scurry to and fro catching their trains.
    I sit and watch, for my train has not yet arrived.
    People appear so busy…
    Busy with games I haven’t been given the pieces to yet
    Why have some people been placed on the pitcher’s mound with instructions to “play a great game”
    While others sit on the bench watching and waiting for their turn at bat?
    Are those players more qualified? Better in some way?
    How does sitting on the bench ready me for the game?
    Which train has a seat with my name on it? Which roster has me listed as its starred player?
    How long will I have to wait and watch everyone embark on their journeys?
    When will it be my turn to take my golden ticket and traverse the threshold into the next stage?
    Quietly sitting in the waiting place…

  2. Eh, I have multiple friends my age that have 3+ kids, but vast majority of my married friends have finical difficulties and keep telling me they wish they had worked a bit longer prior to marriage.

    I’m probably one of my only friends I know who will ever be able to afford a house in NY (assuming I stay here). And you know what, I’m fine with that. I grew up in a house, and want the same for my kids. I’m not living in an apartment forever.

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