Conversation of the Week: Older and Older

Person: “…it’s a good way to get shadchanim interested in the older population [like you*].”

Me: “I’m not older! Older is how you describe people who aren’t senior citizens yet. It goes ‘child, teenager, young adult, adult, middle aged, older, senior citizen, and Whoa-that’s-old.’ I am not older.”

*Implied by context


Okay, I know “older” is a relative term, but if you consider it that way, pretty much everyone is older. And okay, so if 25 if the peak of the hill, then at 26 I am definitely older… but still slightly.

Oh jeepers. I’m 26. Did I mention I had a birthday yesterday? Twenty-six. 20+6. 13×2. More than a quarter of a century. I’ve lived longer than a generation. What a weird age to be! It’s been 9 years since high school, 8 since seminary… it’s amazing how large those two things loom in my life, considering how long ago they were.

But I maunder.

Happy birthday to me!



16 thoughts on “Conversation of the Week: Older and Older

  1. Happy birthday bad4! Gosh, it’s been years since I met you at that wedding. There were a whole buncha boggers there & I was trying to guess whowas who. I was dancing next to you and just could’nt figure out who you were. When you told me, I was quite surprised. Time flies- that was 4 years ago! Wow! I wish you 94 more happy years.

  2. Michael Phelps was interviewed on “60 Minutes,” and when he was asked if he would compete in the next Olympics in 2016, he said, “I’m 26 already.”

    And so I stared at the screen, shocked to discover that 26 is the beginning of the end.

  3. Really not to be mean, but I think Michael Phelps meant that as a swimming athlete, he knows he has to make way for the next 16 year old swimmer, who may very well come to beat him if he continues swimming. I don’t think he meant that his life is over. So to, our lives are not anywhere near over in our 20’s!
    Happy Birthday to you, Bad4, and please keep sharing!

  4. i was going to say- athletes retire at 40. then they get all their joints replaced. there’s no comparison. and happy birthday!

  5. warning warning warning

    alter cacker looking for very zaftig yiddisha maydel shoimer shabbes, who knows how to cook a decent friday night seuda…. further details on request !

  6. Happy birthday!! I’ve never left a comment but your birthday’s an exception…just wanted to wish you an amazing birthday and a year full of good things…you make me smile, laugh out loud, commiserate, and generally just brighten my day with your witticisms and awesome attitude. Keep it up 🙂

  7. Happy birthday (mine was also last Wednesday, so to me too)!
    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while but haven’t commented yet.
    Great blog, even though I’ve been out of shidduchim for quite a few years B”H. I find it heartening that you can be so caring about your community and so critical at the same time.

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